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A full cafe service including lunch is available Monday- Friday

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Last food orders 2:15 p.m.

The cafe is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Please do call us if you would like us to cater for your event!

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01892 668529

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Late Summer Special!

Served with ice and sparkling water, Alex's Lemon Verbena Cordial is simply delicious!
Want to know a bit more? Here's what Alex says...
This is the lemon verbena bush/tree that makes the cordial. I planted it 5 years ago on a sunny east facing wall. Jekka Mcvicar’s (the queen of herbs) favourite with a plethora of health benefits. It makes for a refreshing cordial spritz and a calming tea, not as dozy as chamomile, soothing for stomachs and calming for minds.
Cordial and tea are always available in the cafe.

A new approach to food sourcing, minimising waste and great flavours!

Crowborough Community Centre is excited to announce the arrival of chef, Alex Armstrong, who is working with our Gallery Café team to develop their skills.  Alex has worked with well-known restaurants such as The Roof Top Café and A Little of What You Fancy in London. She has also volunteered at Haywards Heath food bank and taught cooking and nutrition to community groups.

Alex’s interest in working with the community and her passion for demonstrating how delicious meals from high quality seasonal and ethical produce is possible at affordable prices, has motivated her to join the team at Crowborough Community Centre.

Alex is on a mission to source food which supermarkets tend to overlook but which does not compromise on taste, such as wonky fruit and vegetables and small eggs from young hens.  Alex will also approach our Horticultural Group to source fresh vegetables direct from their allotments.  Straws, napkins and so on made of recyclable materials will also be introduced.
Tonnes of perfectly edible food from farms and supermarkets ends up in landfill. Not only is this a waste of good food, it is also a waste of the resources used to produce it – from the water, heat and fertilisers used in the growing process, to the energy consumed during its transportation.

We aim to make our Gallery Café a thriving town centre meeting place by specialising in high quality seasonal and ethically produced food at affordable prices. Do come along and try us, we think you will like it!

We look forwarding welcoming you to our cafe!

Food, Glorious Food!
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Cooking? Well, it's just so much fun isn't it!

Children's cooking events at
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